Sooji milk Halwa(semolina) Recipe

Sooji or semolina Halwa is the most common and popular tasty sweet dish in India. It takes very less time to prepare. You can make it very easily and the outcome will be really delicious . It is generally prepared as a prashad in every household. So, let’s start the yummy sweet recipe.


(1) 1 cup sooji(semolina)

(2) 1/2(half) cup ghee

(3) some cashews and raisins

(4) 4 cups milk

(5) 1/2(half) cup sugar

(6) 3 green cardamoms (powder or split open)


(1) Heat a pan with medium,add ghee.

(2) Add raisins and fry upto 1 min and keep on a plate. Then fry cashews until golden and transfer it also on a plate.

(3) Add sooji on the remaining ghee and fry to get a nice golden brown colour. (approximately upto 3 to 4 min in a medium heat).

(4) Add hot milk slowly and stir continuously.Now add cardamoms.

(5) Add sugar and mix.

(6) Once the sooji completely absorb the milk add 2 teaspoons ghee to get a better taste and fragrance.

(7) Now add the roasted dry fruits and turn the flame off. Now serve it hot or let it to be cool.

(4 servings)

Total preparation time: 20 mins

Cooking: 10 to 12 mins

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